Although there is no Eurythmics related release this year, we still need to champion independent record stores throughout the world.  As vinyl sales are beginning to increase, and the demand is not just coming from us ageing collectors, but the younger generation, we need to remember these stores where knowledge and advice is the reason they survive.

The high street particularly here in the UK has no record stores, Woolworths disappeared and HMV although survived have massively scaled back and in some cases music is now relegated to first floor.

Most of us would have purchased our limited edition Eurythmics and Annie or Dave rarities at an Independent store as these were the stores that were most likely to impact the chart positions (many stores were known as a chart return store where their sales were logged).

Last year we saw this Conny Plank 12″ single released featuring Eurythmics, so it seemed right to feature it again today, also well worth a watch is this 15 minute documentary.



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Release Details

Record NoArtist


Album \ Single


Catalogue No

Record Label

Release Date


Promotional Item


4183Conny Plank \ Eurythmics

reWork Sessions


12″ Single


Gronland Records

2013-04 (Record Store Day)



Features 2 Eurythmics remixes


  1. Eurythmics – Take Me To Your Heart (Popnoname Remix
  2. Moebius & Plank – Infiltration (Wallis Remix)
  3. NEU! – Fur Immer (Eye / Boredoms Remix)
  4. Eurythmics – Le Sinistre (Kreidler Remix)