BSCD2 LogoSony Music in Japan in 2013 re-released 2 of the Eurythmics remastered albums in July and the Ultimate Collection in December in a very limited run using the new Blu-Spec CD2 Format as designed by Sony.

The format uses a similar process that produces Blu-Ray discs. You can find out more about the format below.

Experience Blu-spec CD2, a next generation compact disc.

Blu-spec CD2 employs the Phase Transition Mastering, the technology developed for mastering of Blu-ray discs, to further perfect the acclaimed characteristics of Blu-spec CD. Fully compatible with standard CD players, Blu-spec CD2 completely alters the experience of music.

It would appear that the Sweet Dreams and Be Yourself Tonight albums have already been been deleted from the catalogue, but the Ultimate Collection CD can still be purchased quite readily for about $18

For the collectors amongst you, here are the details :

SICP 30191 : Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

SICP 30192 : Be Yourself Tonight

SICP30447 : The Ultimate Collection

Ultimate Collection - Front Ultimate Collection - Back Sweet Dreams - Front Be Yourself Tonight - Back