Long time Eurythmics fan Ross Larkin is crowd sourcing funds to make his new video for his band Asian Envy.

Having reached the first goal of $6000 AUS, they have extended the goals to help make something really special.

Go on, help them, donate a bit to their project, consider it as missing s trip to Starbucks for a day!

All the details are here

If you need any convincing, Ross and Steve are threatening to take their clothes off for the next 5 $20 donators, but to see what they are best at watch their recent video below.


Following the success of ‘The Beautiful Girls and Boys’, Asian Envy are about to embark on the next instalment.

In 2013, over forty filmmakers and actors came together to create the most recent Asian Envy music video ‘The Beautiful Girls and Boys’. It was a labour of love and an exercise in dedication, belief and support.

The budget? Virtually nothing. The results speak for themselves.

During the filming of BGAB, Asian Envy’s follow up single ‘The Wolf’ reached Number 1 on the Triple Js Electro Charts.

Since the release of the last video on 10 January 2014, Asian Envy must now address the imbalance between having a number one hit, and no accompanying video.

Time is short, dedication is not.

Over the 2014 Easter long weekend, Asian Envy propose to film a music video of approximately 5 minutes in length in Melbourne, Australia. The music for the clip is entitled ‘The Wolf’.

You can listen to The Wolf right here.

Steve and Ross (Asian Envy) are two experienced filmmakers and musicians, having lived, worked and breathed the live and recorded entertainment industry for over twenty years. To date, Asian Envy has done everything themselves, using their own talent and hard work, but also far too much goodwill of some extremely talented family and friends.

They need your help to get this one off the ground, and fast.

In the world of music video, $6000 is just a drop in the ocean, but with a number of successful projects behind them, there is no doubting the tenacity and professionalism of everyone involved to make this project work with the funds raised.

Taking no profit, and nothing for themselves, the $6000 breakdown is as follows:

  • Director’s fee
  • Talent
  • Equipment
  • Catering
  • Props
  • Lighting
  • Camera crew
  • Post production: Editing, Colour Correction, Special Effects.
  • Plus our good friends at Kickstarter earn 5%
  • Hopefully, we can add some stretch goals later….

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Film projects of all kinds contain risks and challenges. Asian Envy pride themselves on having produced several elaborate projects before. With a successful fundraising campaign using Kickstarter, Asian Envy will be in an even stronger position to overcome any issues that may arise during the shoot.

For examples of Asian Envy’s previously successful projects, head over to the AE youtube channel using the links in the bio above. Considering the calibre of work produced on limited budgets, imagine what they can do with your support.