A year after the historic 46664 concert in South Africa which launched the Nelson Mandela worldwide HIV/AIDS campaign carrying his former prison number, new tracks recorded to support the campaign featuring Paul McCartney, and Dave Stewart were made available for the first time exclusively on iTunes.

Dave Stewart and Paul McCartney - 46664 1 Year OnThe tracks feature unique one-off collaborations that see Paul McCartney and David A Stewart working together; Jimmy Cliff with Sting and Tony Rebel, and a new Queen track featuring Nelson Mandela himself reading from his own writings, track listed as follows:

1. Queen + Nelson Mandela – Invincible Hope
2. Whole Life – Paul McCartney/David A Stewart
3. People – Jimmy Cliff featuring Sting & Tony Rebel
4. Freedom’s Coming – Da Universal Playaz

Pictured here is a rare Spanish promo.

Here’s a video of the making of the track