Today we bring together all of Dave Stewart’s lyric videos from his latest album Lucky Numbers, the first video is the full length version of Every Single Night, his single with Martina McBride.


A scan of the original printed Eurythmics Discography

On The Eighth Day Of Christmas, Ultimate Eurythmics sent to me A Copy of The Original World Wide Discography

Well here it is in 2 versions, the original printed copy of the Eurythmics World Wide Discography compiled by Denis Garese and Claire Moisset.

It became the go to reference point well before the web for collectors.

There’s a gallery and a flipbook.

A Happy New Year song from Dave

Happy New Year everyone!

Here’s Dave Stewart’s song Happy New Year

A Cocktail Christmas album from Dave Stewart

A few years ago Dave Stewart made a fun album called Cocktail Christmas, Dave has shared it on Soundcloud for free!

A rare Annie Lennox photo shoot

Annie Lennox featured in this article for Harpers & Queen Magazine in June 1992 with the title “Chic Dreams Are Made Of This”

A video for Double Plus Good

I recently came across this fan made video for the Eurythmics track Double Plus Good taken from the Eurythmics 1984 soundtrack album.

Some left over items from Touch 30

First up we have these 2 record store promotional and order sheets for Touch from the US.

08121315 08121316

Take a look at these 2 amazing pieces of artwork created by artist, Ellinors Art. I particularly like the mono picture of Annie, very clever use of the black vinyl background!

Ellinor is a Photo major, who’s since spent two years in art school. Now she is creating art, mostly of musicians & actors. She gets inspired by music, bright colours, indie & queer cinema, drag queens, old Hollywood, and pop art/artists.

You can find out more about her here on her blog, here

Annie Lennox On Vinyl - Ellinors Art - 01 Annie Lennox On Vinyl - Ellinors Art - 02

Lucky Numbers Beer Mats

Dave Stewart - Lucky Numbers - beer mat - 01Dave Stewart - Lucky Numbers - beer mat - 02

On The Second Day Of Christmas, Ultimate Eurythmics sent to me a Dave Stewart Lucky Numbers Beer Mat.

These Beer Mats were produced to promote Lucky Numbers on Dave Stewart’s tour this year in Germany.

and A BBC Radio 4 Sketch Show

Stephen K Amos features a Eurythmics sketch in his Radio 4 Show What Does The K Stand For

What Does The K Stand For - Eurythmics