Eurythmics Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox BeatlesWhat an amazing evening last night was.  Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox performed as Eurythmics for the first time since 2005, a synergy they shared with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr who also hadn’t performed together for 9 years.

The evening flowed well, with a few breaks for set changes for the TV broadcast, but the visuals and the packaged film clips about the Beatles were fascinating to watch.

Of course we were there for one reason only, but have to say how impressed I was with each of the performers, each bringing their own unique style and take on some of the most recognisable songs in the world.

As the lights dimmed down, Annie Lennox appeared at the end of the runway part of the stage, sat behind her piano, dressed in a magnificent silver dress, there was no mistaking what or who was coming next!

As Dave and Annie were introduced, Annie started to perform The Fool On The Hill solo, and 30 seconds or so into the song, a silhouette of Dave filled the background visuals as he appeared on stage and quickly moved to Annie’s side. At this point she left her piano and they continued the song alongside each other. 3 and a half minutes of musical magic were soon over, Annie gave a gracious bow to Ringo and Paul who were sat just in front of her alongside Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison.  As the stage lights dimmed, Dave and Annie left the stage.

The highlight of the evening were the 2 solo performances from Ringo and Paul, but what the audience was waiting for was for them to perform together, Ringo left his seat in the audience having watched Paul’s solo tracks and before we knew it he was there alonsgide Paul as With A Little Help From My Friends started to play out.

The final song of the evening was Let It Be, all of the evenings performers joined them on stage led by Annie wearing her HIV Positive T-Shirt to join in with the chorus.  Before we knew it the evening was over, Annie and Dave quickly joined Stevie Wonder and were chatting to hm as they left the stage.

The event had brought out some of Hollywood’s A-Listers, LL Cool J hosted some of the presentations, Al Gore and Tom Hanks was in the audience, Johnny Depp and Sean Penn both also introduced artists, and Geoff Bridges introduced Paul and Ringo.

Truly a spectatcular evening, I just hope that the TV broadcast can capture some of the magic that took place last night!



(All songs with the House Band unless otherwise noted)

All My Loving (The Beatles Ed Sullivan Show clip > Maroon 5 only)
Ticket to Ride (Maroon 5 only)
Don’t Let Me Down (Keith Urban and John Mayer)
In My Life (Ed Sheeran only)
Let it Be (Alicia Keys and John Legend)
Revolution (Imagine Dragons only)
Yesterday (Katy Perry)
The Fool on The Hill (The Eurythmics)
Here Comes the Sun (Brad Paisley, Pharrell Williams and Cirque du Soleil)
Hey Bulldog (Dave Grohl and Jeff Lynne)
Something (Joe Walsh, Jeff Lynne and Dhani Harrison)
While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Gary Clark Jr., Joe Walsh and Dave Grohl on drums)
We Can Work It Out (Stevie Wonder)
We Can Work It Out (Take 2 – Stevie Wonder)
Matchbox (Ringo Starr)
Boys (Ringo Starr)
Yellow Submarine (Ringo Starr)
Magical Mystery Tour (Paul McCartney)*
Birthday (Paul McCartney)*
Get Back (Paul McCartney)*
I Saw Her Standing There (Paul McCartney)*
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Paul McCartney)*
With a Little Help From My Friends (Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr on vocals)*
Hey Jude (Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr on drums and all guests on vocals)*

* with Paul McCartney’s Band