Eurythmics Touch 30This year we are celebrating the life of Norma Koning who sadly passed away a few months ago, she created a huge collection of Eurythmics press and promotional photographs and we thought it would be a lovely memory to Norma to feature some of her collection each day.

Secondly it is the 30th anniversary of the Eurythmics 3rd album Touch, and with that each day we’ll feature a collectable record from our new discography, some interesting items of memorabilia, and then we’ll feature fans stories, memories or reviews.

And we will throw in the odd surprise along the way too! As ever thank you for your support and contributions! Have a wonderful holiday time. Steve.

Behind today’s door – see the calendar below:

Norma’s Gallery

A beautiful publicity photograph of Annie Lennox taken from the Edward II film promotional pack.

Touch Record from the Discography

The German version of the Right By Your Side single with unique sleeve.

Touch Memorabilia

Today we have a whole load of Touch T-Shirts mostly official but a few bootlegs as well!  Interesting to see what appears to be the same T-Shirt has subtle differences like border colours etc.

Fan’s Contribution

Susie talks about asking Annie to sign her Touch CD.



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