Ultimate Eurythmics - Dave Stewart Annie Lennox

Well where did those 10 years go, it only seemed like yesterday that I put my discography online for the first time, never expecting the website to take off in the way it has.

Firstly, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed, visited, commented, donated, joined in, and generally enjoyed using the site.

Today we re-launch the website into more of a magazine style website.  Design has been top of the list, and although there are few quirks still for small mobile screens, I hope you enjoy using the site.

Visually there are new upgrades to all the galleries, and the discography will have a few new features being completed as we speak.

And to go with the relaunch, a new domain name. eurythmics-ultimate.com will be retired in the New Year, and our new site is eurythmics-ultimate.com

I’m hoping to reintroduce all of our features from video, record, memorabilia, magazine of the week etc, and if you feel you would like to contribute a weekly, or monthly feature, then drop me a line, this is your site and the more helpers I have the better and easier it becomes.  While reviewing the site, I realised there are over 20,000 images alone in the discography!

Here’s some things I need some help with soon, so if you’d like to volunteer just email me webmaster@eurythmics-ultimate.com

Arranging pictures in several galleries into a sensible order (easy)

Updates to gigography (harder)

Updates to discography (harder)

So thank you to everyone once again, and hope you enjoy the new site! Here’s to the next 10 years!