David Gray has announced the sale of The Church Studios in Crouch Hill, London to producer Paul Epworth.

Gray bought the studios, housed in a converted church, from Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart in 2004 and went on to record three studio albums there – Life In Slow Motion, Draw The Line and Foundling.

“I’m delighted to be handing on this wonderful building in the knowledge that it will remain a vital part of London’s ongoing music heritage,” said Gray. “I am just putting the finishing touches to what will be the fourth studio album I have recorded at The Church and it remains a very inspiring place.

“I bought the studios as my own personal recording space and at one stage – with the problems in the wider music business – it looked like the chance of selling it on as a working studio were close to zero.  I know Paul has lots of plans and I wish him and the studio the very best.”

Paul Epworth said: “David approached me as a last call to see if he could keep the building as a studio rather than let it go to residential. I was equally as keen to keep a piece of London recording history running and we finally completed the exchange at the start of October.

“It’s a fantastic place and I intend to refurbish the studio to make it a viable commercial business. I hope we can keep it as a recording studio for the next 10-20 years with a bit of luck.”

The Church Studios first became a recording space in the 1990’s when purchased by Dave Stewart. Since then it has attracted a vast array of artists, including Bob Dylan, Radiohead and My Bloody Valentine.Eurythmics The Church Studios