Dave Stewart - Living The LifeEurythmics star Dave Stewart sits down for a candid chat with American actor Elliott Gould.

It’s been more than 50 years since Gould made his Hollywood debut, and in those five decades he’s acted in over 160 films and received a Golden Laurel for his work in comedy, as well as international recognition and an Oscar nomination. As one of America’s most prominent and prolific actors of the 70s, Gould was a part of some truly iconic films, including M*A*S*H, The Lady Vanishes, The Long Goodbye and Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice.

Gould probes Stewart on his prolific music career, in which he first teamed up with Annie Lennox in 1976. Aside from his musical accomplishments, Stewart is also an active philanthropist who has worked with Nelson Mandela and Greenpeace, as well as a number of other high-profile musicians, to raise money for a number of causes.

Tales from childhood, early careers, successes and failures all combine to reveal how these two stars’ subsequent journeys through wealth and fame have shaped their lives.

Don’t miss their fascinating conversation on Sky Arts 1 HD, Wednesday 2nd October at 8pm.

Here’s a video of Dave Stewart recording the title music in his studio in Los Angeles