Source: Something Else

Beginning with a moment of stark introspection, What Is Wrong With Me at first boasts none of the swirling flourishes that so often surround a Dave Stewart production — as co-leader of the Eurythmics, as a solo artist or with Stevie Nicks.

Even when Orianthi joins in, there’s still a bluesy directness. For a moment, anyway. Soon, Vanessa Amarosi (a dusky growler) and this swooning chorus of churchy backup singers join in — giving “What Is Wrong With Me” a soaring gospel attitude.

All of a sudden, everybody is swaying to a titanic groove, and Orianthi is throwing out lightning bolt licks, and Amarosi is howling to the rafters, and Dave is standing in the middle of this maelstrom, looking like he’s having a complete ball.

That’s more like it, right?

“What Is Wrong With Me” is among the first glimpses we’ve had into Stewart’s forthcoming studio effort Lucky Numbers, which is slated for September 2013 release. That follows 2012?s Ringmaster General, which also featured the dynamic guitarist Orianthi — who’s best known for her work with Alice Cooper.