Create art. Collaborate globally. Liberate yourself.”–Talenthouse

Dave Stewart Talenthouse Director


Dave Stewart has joined forces with Talenthouse–“the world’s platform for creative collaboration” with 2.1 million members via its website (www.talenthouse.com)–as Creative Director/Marketing, it was announced by Amos Pizzey,  CoFounder and CCO of the company that launched in 2009.


One of the key inspirations for Talenthouse–which unites creatives, brands and agencies via design and creative invites–is actually The Hospital Club in London, the physical creative space which Stewart co-founded in 2004 with Paul Allen (Stewart still serves as its Creative Director).  Pizzey says: “In a perfect synergy, I was introduced to Dave and finally the circle was complete.”


Says Stewart, the British musician, music producer, author, entrepreneur, filmmaker and philanthropist who’s been described by Bob Dylan as a “fearless innovator”:


“When I discussed my concept of creating a social club for the creative community with Paul Allen, we both understood the need for it–now it is a thriving community in the center of Covent Garden in London (https://www.thehospitalclub.com). The Talenthouse is a virtual manifestation of a creative members club based on the same principals: put creatives together and they will engage, play, build and deliver original works.”


Stewart–hailed as a “One Man Advertising Think Tank” by the UK’s Daily Telegraph–continues: “In my book The Business Playground I invented the word ‘Sponsorbility.’ I envisioned a time when brands would seek out artists to support and fund and vice versa in a free flowing creative dialog. What Amos and Roman Scharf [CEO of Talenthouse] have already created is a perfect platform where artist and brands meet. I want to take this to another level and I’m sure we will.  Over the next 12 months there will be a major shift in advertising which already began years ago but now it’s a juggernaut. Don’t be surprised if you see Tesla Motors accepting an Academy Award or Prada picking up an award for being producers of a musical on Broadway. The way I see the advertising world in the future is ‘Art Shaped.’”


“Content is one of the most powerful ways to connect with and influence anyone,” adds Stewart.  “It’s been used forever by marketers and basically anyone trying to sell anything to anyone. But there is so much poor quality and ‘foggy’ content out there. Talenthouse have created the perfect filtration system by connecting two very important dots…Brands and Artists.”