Dave Stewart Jihae May 7th

Dave Stewart is performing with Jihae on May 7th at the Viper Room in LA.(Tickets here for just $10)

Dave performed with Jihae at The Hospital last year for the Walk A Mile Campaign where she had recorded the track Man To Man, Woman To Woman with him.

This performance however is to showcase her new album, Illusion Of You, due for release in the Autumn.

Find out more at www.jihae.com

Here’s a teaser of her new video


JIHAE is a New York City-based singer/composer/multimedia artist who traversed the world in her youth from Korea, Nigeria, Sweden, UK and ultimately New York City.

In 2007 she released her debut LP My Heart Is An Elephant, which received critical acclaim. Trace Magazine declared her “A creative genius.” In 2008 she released her 2nd LP, Elvis Is Still Alive, which Dave Allen (Gang of Four) blogged, “A delicate masterpiece.” Jihae’s 3rd album, 2010?s Fire Burning Rain, was a concept album that evolved into a multimedia rock opera co-created by Jihae and two-time Academy Award winning play wright and director John Patrick Shanley.

Also a multimedia artist, Jihae’s expanding work in music, fine art and films and theater were featured on IFC, NME, MTV, Pitchfork, Playbill, Vogue Germany, and NY Press, etc. She has collaborated with numerous creatives and filmmakers including Michel Gondry, Christopher Doyle, Peter Beard, and Marco Brambilla.

Jihae’s upcoming album, Illusion of You, featuring a co-write with legendary Leonard Cohen and Dave Stewart, is due out Summer 2013.