There’s still a day to go on this rare chance to own a low numbered print edition of one of Annie Lennox’s pictures recently featured in her Glorious Manford Salchester exhibition.

It is being auction to raise funds for Mothers 2 Mothers here

 Glorious Manford Salchester Mothers 2 Mothers 2 Glorious Manford Salchester Mothers 2 Mothers 1 Glorious Manford Salchester Mothers 2 Mothers 3

Worldwide approximately 900 children are newly infected with HIV each day. Almost all of these children are in sub-Saharan Africa and without treatment, half will die before their second birthday.

By bidding on this item you will be helping to support mothers2mothers to achieve their vision, a world where no baby is infected with HIV and mothers with HIV and AIDS live long and healthy lives. For more information on mothers2mothers work click here.



This is a fabulous limited edition print donated by the singer Annie Lennox from her Glorious Manford Salchester photography collection.

Inspired by her trips to Manchester and Salford the artist creating a collection of stunning collage photographs depicting the contrasting imagery of the area. Taken using only her iPhone she captured images that she was drawn to rather than predetermined images, which were later manipulated to create the wonderful kaleidoscope imagery the features throughout the collection.

This is image 11 of the collection.

The image depicts a collage print of white orchids manipulated to creating a striking kaleidoscope visual. This stunning piece has a wonderful contemporary feel depicting with beauty of the flowers in a bold and vibrant manner resulting in a graphic image which draws the viewer in to take a closer look at the subject.

The image is hand signed and comes fully framed.

Limited edition No. 2/100. 

Artwork Size:  41cmx 30.5cm