International Womens Day“EQUALS brings together the expertise of some of the most respected and influential charities that champion women’s rights.

A lot has changed since 1911, but there is still a long way to go.

Gender inequality continues to permeate all sectors of society, from health and education to politics, employment and culture.

The EQUALS partnership aims to step up the call for a more equal world and galvanise a new generation of men and women to work together to make gender equality a lived reality here in the UK and worldwide.”

EQUALS is a partnership of leading charities in the UK and America, including ActionAid, PlanUK, Save the Children, Oxfam, and Women’s Aid, that have come together to step-up the call for a more equal world. Brought together by Oxfam’s Global Ambassador Annie Lennox, EQUALS views International Women’s Day as a day of debate as well as celebration. EQUALS strives to bring greater awareness to important issues affecting women worldwide – including fighting poverty, hunger and disease; improving maternal health; ending violence against women; promoting girls’ education; and expanding economic opportunity for women everywhere.

We have over 30 supporting partners made up of charities and arts organisations, as well as individual supporters from the world of music, film, comedy and business.