Conny Plank was a German musician and producer who worked with Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Can, and of course Eurythmics!  

In February 2013 Grönland Records will be releasing a 4 disc CD Box called ‘who’s that man’ as a tribute to legendary German producer Conny Plank. Included will be a selection of Plank’s most iconic work, along with a series of productions that exemplify his unique sound design. CD 3 features reworks by a host of contemporary artists of the original 24 track magnetic tapes found in the Plank-archives. As a previously unreleased gem, the box will also contain a live concert by Moebius / Steffen / Plank recorded on tape while touring Mexico in 1987.

Of particular interest to Eurythmics fans are the inclusion of Le Sinistre on disc 1, but disc 3 promises remixes of Le Sinistre and Take Me To Your Heart

To celebrate the release, a new website for Conny Plank has been launched by the record company here and features a few images of material and tapes from the archives.  The photo below shows the recording session for Le Sinistre and shows 3 tracks, English Summer, Belinda and a track called Suicide Song. Now it may be this track was renamed to another on the album, but it is a potential unreleased and unheard track!


  Conny Plank In The Garden Eurythmics - Suicide Song

Full Track Listing

Disc One:


01 Arno Steffen: “Hörprobe”

02 Eno/Möbius/Rödelius: “Broken Head”

03 Phew: “Signal”

04 Eurythmics: “Le Sinistre”

05 Michael Rother: “Feuerland”

06 La Düsseldorf: “Silver Cloud”

07 Psychotic Tanks: “Let”s have a party” [rare]

08 Möbius & Plank: “Conditionierer”

09 Möbius/Plank/Thompson: “Farmer Gabriel [rare]”

10 Möbius/Plank/Neumeier: “Pitch Control”

11 D.A.F.: “Alles ist Gut”

12 Neu!: “Leb Wohl!”


Disc Two:


01 Ibliss: “Drops”

02 Rödelius: “Regenmacher”

03 Streetmark: “Eleanor Rigby”

04 Neu!: “Negativland”

05 Psychotik Tanks: “Security Idiots”

06 D.A.F.: “Was ziehst du an”

07 Möbius & Plank: “Automatic”

08 Fritz Müller: “Fritz Müller Traum”

09 Blue Point Underground: “Conny Plank” [rare]

10 Konrad Plank: “Weihnachtssong” [rare]


Disc Three:


01 Cluster & Eno: “Jens-Uwe Beyer remix”

02 Le Sinistre: “Kreidler remix”

03 Broken Head: “Automat remix”

04 Cluster & Eno: “Walls remix”

05 Eurythmics: “Take Me To Your Heart remix”

06 Feuerland: “Justus Köhncke remix”

07 Neu!: “Eye remix”


Disc Four:


Möbius/Plank/Steffen Live in Mexico 1986