For some time in 1983 when we entered democracy in my country, Argentina, and after years of dictatorship in which records were not published in English, I discovered the voice of this great woman named Annie Lennox, with her androgynous appearance by then, it impact me as a teenager. Eurtyhmics, was, is and will be my group par excellence, I feel very identified with their music and image.


After years of excellent albums, In The Garden, Sweet Dreams, Be Yourself Tonight, Revenge, Savage appears in 1987, in my opinion the most representative album from the duo, Lennox-Stewart.


All songs written and performed magically, a marvel of perfection, accompanied by a home video of movie, amazing performances of Annie.


This is my little tribute to this great albun than 25 years, and still today remains one of the best albums of pop music.

Pablo Boggiano