To Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Eurythmics Savage Album, each day we are publishing items from our archives from photos, memorabilia, featuring rare records and much much more!

Todays video from the Savage Video album is Brand New Day.

This is both the last song on the album and the video album. It features Lennox (as herself) in an immaculately tailored white suit on a stage with several young schoolgirls in theatrical costume, who perform “Eurhythmics” (a music education type of dance from which the band originally took their name) to the song. Afterwards, Lennox and the girls take a curtain bow to a fake cheering audience.

At the beginning of the video for “Wide-Eyed Girl”, an untitled 1960s-style song is performed by Eurythmics and heard over a radio. The same song is heard over the end credits for the video album.