Well the last month has been an adventure, i can’t add a lot that hasn’t been said by many of the other contributors so far.

Before I finish, I have to thank everyone who has contributed, this is a site for fans, and I hope you always feel you can contribute, whatever you want to at any time. 

I am staggered, really I am, I took a look at our web stats this evening, and there have been over 1.5 Million hits to the website in November, this is 50% more than our Revenge feature last year.

So to everyone who has read, contributed, lurked and visited a huge thank you.

There’s a few surprsies that didn’t quite make it in time, but they will be worth the wait.


I have a very vivid memory of Savage, I was watching a music show on BBC2 and they announced a competition for some goodies for anyone that could explain in an essay the video they were about to show.  it was of course Beethoven.

I sat aged 17 in front of the TV in an utter daze, what was I watching, the manic eyes of Annie staring right through me, I felt my soul had been touched by something very cold. A feeling  I was not used to.  My life as a kid and teenager was really very easy, life was comfortable, although i now know the sacrifces my parents made for us, asI now make for my children. Few traumas surrounded our family, life was a breeze really.

I decided to enter the competitionnd put down on paper my thoughts, whether they were right or wrong, i really cannot recall, but it was the first time I think I had ever really recognised that not everyone is happy, the world doesnt work like that, and part of the illusion my parents had helped create for so many years and protect me from was being revealed.

I dont blame my parents, I only knew 1 friend whose parents were divorced, but as life has laid its path in front of me, I discover the lies and secrets every family has, the deceit and the betrayal of people you think you know.

Savage helped me understand a lot more about life, the lyrics talked to my conscience, few records had ever done that before really, despite me thinking they had.  Savage taught me to listen to words in songs, Eurythmics are so clever at hiding some of their darkest lyrics amongst the happiest of tunes.  The irony is lost on so many, the imagery was so out there, Im sure many would have turned their back on it as something abnormal or just plain weird.  But its not just the lyrics, its the cold instrumentation, so expertly crafted by Dave that gives the lyrics that extra dimension just at the times they need that extra punch.  Yet there is so much warmth there too, only Dave and Annie could have created such a masterpiece.

Savage is my favourite Eurythmics album, although none of the tracks are my favourite track, to me that says a lot.  I often listen to the album, but in the same order as the video, it seems to make more sense to me.


Everything is fiction

All cynic to the bone.

So don’t ask me to stay with you

Don’t ask to see me home.



Happy Anniversary.

Steve G