Many fans have written a piece about Savage for us to publish throughout November, today’s piece is written by Susie Child.  If you’d like to be featured here, just drop us an email to with your contribution.

 I must admit that the 11 year old me, did not initially fully appreciate the glory that is Savage. When it was first released, some of it went over my head and struck the younger version of myself as being too difficult and – to my limited knowledge – a real move away from what I’d heard from Eurythmics before. It felt like quite a jump from Revenge to Savage but of course that range is one of the things I like about them know.


So the tape tended to stay in my older sister’s room, as she seemed to like it more. Then a couple of years later I needed something to listen to on my early Sunday morning paper round and for some reason took Savage.


‘Six o’clock in the morning, and I’m stepping through the streets, the pavement’s cold and empty got the blues beneath my feet’ somehow seemed the perfect accompaniment to me trudging along the streets delivering papers when no one else was around. I also found the strong beat to songs like Beethoven very beneficial to my pace.


So thanks to the need to save up some money and the solution offered by the local paper shop, I came to develop a real appreciation for the many merits of the genius that is Savage and I have valued it ever since. It is certainly my favourite Eurythmics album. I would be overwhelmed if I ever got to witness them play live what in my opinion is Eurythmics’ best ever song; Savage.