I suppose really my favourite track from Savage would have to be the title track ‘Savage’. This album is particularly dark with Annie combating personal demons on an unprecedented scale with bitter sweet lyrics entwined with ethereal synth melodies to create a potent album.


The decision for Annie and Dave to make a visual project to run alongside the audio album would only result in elevating the whole piece into another world. This for me is seen clearly in the visuals of Savage where Annie is seen posing throughout the whole video on a couch.


With no obvious performance seems as if she is letting the lyrics perform the feelings of what is really going on inside her head which is a stark contrast to the clam look of her in the visuals. We can also see a reference to this style in her later solo video for ‘Why’ There is no surprise now that retrospectively we know this was an important time in the possible future of Eurythmics  where tensions were running high.

Kieran White