Many fans have written a piece about Savage for us to publish throughout November, today’s piece is written by Eduardo Micet. If you’d like to be featured here, just drop us an email to with your contribution.


Savage represents that kind of liberation. The album opens with an elegant ode to Beethoven, as we can see the video, a typical of a selfless housewife and how she becomes other person totally the opposite and the message is very clear and reflexive:  We’ve got only  one oportunity to be ourselves.


That’s why this album for me is a good story of the human condition and probably I can be identified with it. Some times people do things automatically, following a pattern, repeating things to satisfy our parents, our society and probably we are the last one to be happy and suddenly I’m thinking in the line: “These are my guns, these are my furs, this is my living room,  you can play with me there sometimes if you catch me in the mood” 


All the songs in the album are very interesting. I still remember very clearly I had listened “You have placed a chill in my heart” on the radio about an oldie hits,  before to be a fan of eurythmics. So when I heard the song in my first eurythmics disc of greatest hits, I felt familiar and I still love the song, it’s so pop and lovely.


But  probably my favorite songs in the album are “Savage” and “I need you” the lyrics amd the melodies are beautiful in both cases and I still find them very emotive and elegant but I can enjoy the other songs specially the powerful “I need a man”  It’s about to enjoy all the sprectum:  The pop and the rock. The savage and the eurythmic.