Dave Stewart’s Walk In, Vol. 1, the Graphic Novel Dave released originally on Virgin comics a few years ago is now available to buy on iTunes released by Liquid Comics.

by MacKenzie Cadenhead, Celia Calle, Rakesh B. Mahadik, Nilesh S. Mahadik, Ashish Padlekar, Jeff Parker, Saumin Patel, Sudhir B. Pisal, Ravikiran B. S., Dave Stewart & Reuben Thomas


Do you experience missing time? Predict strangers’ dreams? Do twins seem to follow you wherever you go? And do you sometimes see cephalopods attached to other people without their knowledge? Don’t worry, you’re not going mad…yet. You’re simply a WALK-IN. Ian Dormouse is losing time – literally. He wakes up in cities across the world, and has no recollection of how he got there or what occurred in the preceding weeks and months. Awaking from one of these blackouts, Ian finds himself in Moscow and stumbles into the burlesque club Déjà Vu, bluffing his way into a job as a dream interpreter. It wasn’t all bull, Ian actually does have visions – octopuses on people’s shoulders, auras emanating around strangers, to name a few. Ian doesn’t know it yet, but he has some crazy mental abilities and it’s about to make life a whole lot weirder…


here’s the link to iTunes