Source: Eighties – Swedish Music Series

Dave Stewart was interviewed for the Swedish SVT Series 80’s. 


The interviewer was at Dave’s studios in LA and Dave talks about how he first got into music, remixes of Sweet Dreams, and how it seems to have turned into a timeless song,how he and Annie enjoyed recording in different locations, Dave also spoke about how he and Annie in Sweden couldnt get out of the hotel to get to one of the gigs,how he likes ending his day exhausted but with a Martini to help!, and a little about his Blackbird Diaries song Magic In The Blues.


It features some great footage from Eurythmics live in 1984 in Sweden and an interview from the same period.  The interview is from around the 2.20 point and lasts for



Part 7 of 10. Eurythmics and Samantha Fox. 1986 Eurythmics is one of the world’s biggest pop band. Dave Stewart remembers the crazy visit to Sweden and the first meeting with Annie Lennox. 1986 is also the year when Samantha Fox and Sabrina compete for space on the charts and in the media.


You can watch the show for 30 days here.