Last night London witnessed its largest ever outdoor spectacular at the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.


The event had on the whole been kept secret, and was curated by Danny Boyle.  Danny celebrated everything that is good about Great Britain, from our industrial heritage, our landscape, our traditions, through to the culture that we are most famous for through music and film.


Im pleased to say that Eurythmics were featured in the music section, with images from the Eurythmics Sweet Dreams video being projected onto the outside of a typical English Home.  The house was surrounded by hundreds of dancers performing in time with the music.


Annie’s vocals were mixed at the end into a loop that seged into the Prodigy’s firestarter.  Here’s a few screen grabs from the appearance.  Dave Stewart himself was in the stadium and witnessed it first hand.  Other notabel appearances were from Mike Oldfield performing Tubular Bells and The Arctic Monkeys.


It is rumoured that Annie Lennox will be performing at the closing ceremony in a few weeks time.  Watch this space!