Annie Lennox’s daughter Tali opened her art exhibition last week at the Whisper Gallery in London.  Here’s a feature from the Evening Standard with Tali photographed with Annie.

The feature after that is from the Daily Record

From The Evening Standard!


Supermodel Tali Lennox displays artistic side as new paintings are unveiled

Jul 1 2012 By Katrina Tweedie

THESE paintings by Tali Lennox, the supermodel daughter of Eurythmics star Annie Lennox, are unveiled for the first time today.

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Artwork can still be viewed on the Daily Record website.

Her debut exhibition features a collection of self-portraits of the stunning model with her face distorted, including one called Disillusioned, which has aboriginal-style dots painted over her features.

Tali, 19, who has loved art since she was a child, says she doesn’t like her work to be “too pretty or scenic” and prefers to create pictures that are “dark, raw and honest”.

She has joined forces with three other artistic models from her agency to put on an exhibition called Identity at Ronnie Wood’s son Jamie’s Whisper gallery in London.

Her work has created quite a stir in the artistic world and she has already sold one painting. Tali, who was named Model of the Year at the Scottish Fashion Awards last month, used to do fashion illustrations of beautiful girls before she started modelling.

She said: “When you model, you see behind the image.”

Tali creates her artwork downstairs at the home she shares with her famous mum and 22-year-old sister, Lola, in Notting Hill, London.

She joked: “I don’t think Mum’s very happy when I get paint on the furniture.”

Tali comes from a creative family – as well as award-winning singer mum Annie, her dad is the Israeli film and record producer Uri Fruchtmann.

She has followed in her mother’s footsteps as a charity ambassador and recently returned from Sierra Leone highlighting the work of Christian Aid.

She said: “I had an amazing time. I see how much effort Mum puts into it and how passionate she is about it and it’s definitely something I’d like to do more in the future.

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Artwork can still be viewed on the Daily Record website.

“But I want to do it in my own way and not just put my name to things.

“I have grown up around charity work but this was the first time I got to see how small changes can transform lives in a big way.”

Tali was also happy to accompany her mother to the Google conference a few weeks ago, where Annie gave the closing speech on HIV/Aids and received a standing ovation.

Although modelling remains her career for the time being, talented Tali says she’d love to paint more – and claims it helps pass the time in hotels and airports as she jets to and from modelling assignments.

She said: “I love looking at things and observing and that’s why I’m into art, as another translation of what you see.

“I’m moving and travelling all the time in this job and this keeps me inspired.

“Sometimes you think this is great and other times I think I can’t do art at all.

“I’d love to do more. It’s the one thing I can do where time goes by and I don’t notice and it just clears my head.”

Based on the theme of identity, the new exhibition also features contributions from Harry Gilliam,
son of Monty Python star Terry, as well as Dolce & Gabbana star Mark Waddleton and Whistles beauty Polly Brown.

The show was organised by their model agency Next.

Harry said: “It’s a nice opportunity to show that we don’t just do modelling, we do other things as well.

“We are not just pretty faces.”

The Identity exhibition at Whisper is open to the public until July 6.