We are in the first stages of planning this years fan convention after our successful one last year.


As Dave Stewart is playing in London the following day as part of his Ringmaster Tour and we thought we would see if there was interest in holding another convention to coincide with the tour.


I’m pleased to say we are currently organising a space again at The Hospital in Covent Garden.


Although I cannot announce any details at the moment, we are colating a list of people who would like to attend, from that we can work our the room to book and the rate we need to charge.


If you are interested in attending this year, then please, all you have to do at this stage is email to convention@eurythmics-ultimate.com stating the following:

Your Name:


E-Mail Address:

No. Of Tickets:

You will then be entered onto the list and those who reply first will have first priority over booking a space if the demand is high.  Look forward to seeing you in September!