From Martini Moment and Mollydooker Wines:

Our very first wine with a rock star!

We are excited to release a limited edition of our 2010 Carnival of Love Shiraz specially packaged to commemorate the release of Dave Stewart’s new album ‘The Ringmaster General.’

It has been an absolute pleasure working with such a creative and talented man as Dave Stewart (from the Eurythmics) and this is what he has written about our collaboration on the back label…..

As ‘The Ringmaster General’ I introduce to you the incredible wine you are about to experience. Declarations of the most ‘daring’, ‘amazing’, ‘spectacular’ are commonly used when introducing circus performers. Sarah & Sparky to me are the Flying Trapeze artists of the wine industry and I’m so honoured to collaborate with them and their ‘Mollydooker Circus’ to create ‘The Greatest Wine on Earth.’

Each bottle will be gift boxed with a DVD containing all sorts of wonderful things including the music of his entire new album, a 90 min documentary on the making of ‘The Blackbird Diaries’ and ‘The Ringmaster General’ and some other great videos.

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Watch the video: