Little Bird, how I love this song, the lyrics often come up my mind when I’m busy inside or outside and see birds fly wherever they want to go…


Don’t you just want to do that..It makes me melancholic, but the tune of Little Bird cheers me up!

I have a playlist on my iPod with 7 Little Birds, one after another…(it could be more but iTunes and I are not such good companions..)

I also have Remixed versions, but that’s another playlist.


Most of the time I play that list with headphones on, most.

But… since a few months my iPod only plays the first and last number. It’s about time I get that sorted!
My favourite Little Bird performance is this one:



I love to hear ánd look at live performances of Annie’s songs most of all, I have seen Annie singing Little Bird twice now, and hopefully there will be more in future!


’I look up to the little bird
That glides across the sky
He sings the clearest melody
It makes me want to cry
It makes me want to sit right down
and cry cry cry
I walk along the city streets
So dark with rage and fear
And I…
I wish that I could be that bird
And fly away from here
I wish I had the wings to fly away from here’