To start our month long celebrations of the 20th Anniversary of Diva, what better way to begin is there than bringing you the first video that we saw from Annie Lennox’s debut solo album Diva.


Sophie Muller directed this video, as well as all of the other videos on the Diva video and Annie won an MTV Video Music Award for the video in 1992 for best female video.


The video features Annie without makeup tranforming into an ageing diva using her dressing room miror to apply  bold brushes of orange and pink across hereyes, curling her eyelashes and then pencilling her heavy eyebrows in. The transformation is completed with her pale white face, lipstick, jewellery and the now infamous headdress  with pink and orange feathers.  Annie then sits and poses for the camera on her chaise longue.


Annie also performed Why live on Top Of The Pops on 2 successive weeks, the first in an elegant understated outfit and the second Annie appears in a gold glitter dress with her hair slicked back.

All the videos are here below for you to enjoy.




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