Today we bring you a set of hte most collectable promotional items from the DIVA album released by Annie Lennox in April 1992.  Most of these were issued on cassette and are now fairly hard to find in mint condition.  Approximate values and prices are next to the item.

These galleries are taken from our forthcoming new look discography, so please if you spot any problems, please let me know


Rare UK promotional box set with Video and CD and purple obi (£75 – £100)

[nggallery id=5393]


Rare 4 track UK Promotional Cassette (£15 – £20)

[nggallery id=5490]


Rare full album UK Promotional Cassette (£15+)

[nggallery id=5161]


Rare German Promotional Cassette (£15+)

[nggallery id=5772]


Rare US Promotional Cassette in Black and White cover (£25+)

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