This weeks record of the week is also a trial of our new look discography.  Next week we’ll bring you more, but for now, here’s the listing of all the editions of Why in various formats, the first single taken from Annie Lennox’s solo album DIVA.


You can use the search tool as well, to show only promo items, type yes in the box, to show UK Promos type UK Yes, you can also sort the lists using the column headings.

The link on the right hand side will bring a popup gallery of all the scans we have of an item, but doesn’t have the tracklisting details just yet, but they are on their way!


Items are grouped by format with 7″ Singles First, followed by Country in alphabetical order.  We will also be introudcing an upload images feature where you will be able to add your own images to the discography.


Larger screens are advised, however if the popup doesnt work well for you, you can right click and open in a new tab or window.

What I’d really like though is your feedback.  The new discography has been over a year in the making and will feature over 4000 items, and over 13,000 images.  Please send feedback to


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