Diva means a lot to me, I met with this album around 1998, and changed my life in many ways


One of them was that I have to learn another language, so I started to hear on the radio, also at that time an argentinian singer that I like from here Argentina,  did the cover of ‘Money Can’t Buy It (Fabiana Cantilo: Nada lo compra) in Spanish, and I mean put me strongly to hear about this artist and have another taste in music, and second was something that marked me very strong in the visual recognition of videos of this great masterpiece is always something that I love.


I’m still amazed every time I see a video of it on TV, I love it, thanks to websites I could be finding all the DIVA video album, I never knew how many videos has until recently was 2001, I understood that the only thing missing was a video of the album, that for me is the best and my favorite: ‘Stay By Me’, I began my search for various sides until I can find them all in small images, little captures and then I will begin to grasp the universe Lennox. 


I could never find someone to give me the videos on VHS, recently in 2004 began to sell the DVD Totally Diva in record stores in my city and it was a very strong impact, and only with the collection of TALC, to have ‘Little Bird ‘on DVD, it was really a wonderful thing and I could complete that stage for my greatest muse of all time, her voice, her skin, her music means everything to me.


I carry her on my skin, my head, my heart. I’d love to find that at least make a reissue of DIVA for 25 years, with the full cd inlcuding the bsides, with a DVD with 11 songs (including “Love Song for A Vampire ‘) and extras, like the making off of some of the videos, the MTV unppluged, interviews and performances on television, also see the options of the lyrics in the videos and even audio commentaries of Annie and Sophie Muller. The booklet with photos, unseen images. It will be up to dream no more!


Happy 20th birthday DIVA!