Annie Lennox brought together with the assistance of Stephen Lipson and amazingly talented group of people to help record the album DIVA.  So today we thank all of thefollowing for their contribution to the album we all love!


Who would have thought that members of Jethro Tull, The Blow Monkeys & The Blue Nile would end up working on an Annie Lennox solo album.  Stephen Lipson’s contacts were obviously used to bring these people in, and Annie probably knew people like Ed Shearmur through working with Michael Kamen.


But it didn’t just stop at the recording, the big hitters were brought in for the design and artistic aspect fo the album too.  Long time Eurythmics collaborator Laurence Stevens was enlisted for the design work on the album, and Anton Corjbin and Satoshi Saikusa produced the photography.  Satoshi’s work has stood the test of time and still looks as fresh as the day the phtoographs were taken.



  • Annie Lennox – keyboards, vocals

  • Paul Joseph Moore – keyboards (From The Blue Nile)

  • Marius de Vries – keyboards, programming (Former keyboard player with The Blow Monkeys)

  • Peter-John Vettese – keyboards, programming, recorder (Former member of Jethro Tull)

  • Edward Shearmur – piano (Was Michael Kamen’s Assistant)

  • Kenji Jammer – guitar, programming (Deep Purple)

  • Steve Lipson – guitar, keyboards, programming, producer (Former enginner with Rolling Stones and protege of Trevor Horn)

  • Doug Wimbish – bass (Memeeber of Living Colour)

  • Gavyn Wright – violin (Member Of The Penguin Cafe Orchestra)

  • Dave Defries – trumpet (Member Of The Breakfast Band)

  • Keith LeBlanc – drums (member of Tackhead)

  • Louis Jardim – percussion (also worked with Trevor Horn)

  • Steve Jansen – drum programming (Founding member of Japan and brother of David Sylvian)


  • Produced by Stephen Lipson

  • Recorded and engineered by Heff Moraes 

  • Mixed by William (Bill) O’Donovan

  • Ian Cooper – mastering

  • Anton Corbijn – photography (inner cover)

  • Satoshi – photography (front cover)

  • Laurence Stevens – design