Dave Stewart has released 4 new tracks for download through the Hitlantis service.  Hitlantis arranges its catalogue as a huge circle of bubbles, with each bubble representing a band. You can click one to stream full tracks, and if you’re using the web-based interface you can also buy the songs.


A band’s proximity to the centre is based on their recent popularity, and the size of their bubble is dictated by the amount of content a band has available and the number of fans they have on the site.





The 4 tracks are brand new and can be purchased for a minimum price of 0.50 Euros, or just under 50p each.

The tracks are:

Girl In A Catsuit – Featuring Orianthi

Story Of Success

Slow Motion Addict (not the Carina Round song!)

Just Another Fall (Featuring Diane Birch)


Just another fall definately sounds like it came from the Blackbird Diaries recording session in Nashville, we’ll bring you details of the other 2 tracks as soon as we have it!

In the mean time, visit Hitlantis and download them for a minimum of 2 Euros.