Jack Henderson is just 6 years old and has just finished his 530’th picture to help raise £31K for the hospital his brother receives treatment from.


Various celebrities have commissioned Jack to draw for them including Dave Stewart who asked Jack to draw a version of the album cover for The Blackbird Diaries.  Jack set out to raise £100 for the Sick Kids Friends Foundation on behalf of his brother Noah but soon extended his target to £20,000 after demand for his drawings increased. He started selling his artwork eight months ago and has since been inundated with requests.


You can visit Jack’s website and specifically the Dave Stewart page here, Jack writes on his website:  Welcome to my website. I am drawing *anything* to raise funds for the Sick Kids, just ask me. My brother goes in a lot. My name is JACK and I am 6 years old.


Dave Stewart also sent Jack a thank you video below.