As with the book (now available in seven additional languages), Creativity 1.0 is an inspirational and entertaining guide to innovation and Creativity that includes a foreword by Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson; interviews with creative thinkers such as Mick Jagger and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen; and a host of stories, techniques and tools like “Idea Spaghetti” and the “Wheel of Distraction.”

“The Creativity app is one of the app store’s first interactive multimedia book apps. The app was a collaborative project between Double Apps and the original book’s authors, Dave Stewart and Mark Simmons,” say app developer David Levi.

The multimedia experience app includes not only the full-color book (complete with photographs and illustrations) and numerous interactive features, but also a complete audio version of the book, narrated by Voice Actor Lin Gallagher, and can be switched on at any place in the book. Notably, Creativity includes a revolutionary new tool called F* which allows users to highlight any word or phrase to access related media, news and products. It provides a depth of information and social connectivity never before seen on the published page. F* was developed by famos* in partnership with Dave Stewart and Mick Jagger. This is the first time it has ever been used in an app, providing a new level that hasn’t been possible until now.

The Creativity app is being sold through the Apple App store for just $9.99. Most digital books being sold through services like Amazon or Apple’s iBooks cost at least this amount, and most audio books cost significantly more. So to have the two rolled into one, together with all of the games and other interactive features included in the app, make the Creativity app an incredible value for money.   Here’s the link on iTunes

Here are some of the Creativity app’s features:

* The app includes a live RSS feed of new ideas and information about Creativity that is curated by Dave and Mark.

* There are also 13 fully interactive original games that app users can play alone or with others, to help them to come up with ideas and enhance their Creativity. 

* The games were created by Dave and Mark and include ones on: framing problems in the right way to get the best ideas; using visuals to simulate the creative process; choosing between different ideas; and putting yourself in the best frame of mind to be creative. 

* Each one is fun to play, but teaches a valuable lesson about Creativity and innovation.

As Sir Richard Branson writes in the foreword: “Dave and Mark’s enthusiasm for Creativity and how it can be applied in business leaps off every page. The Business Playground will bring out the creative child inside all of us and I can’t imagine many readers being left uninspired to try it out for themselves. Their mix of insights about Creativity, revealing examples, anecdotes, interviews with creative thinkers, and games make for an entertaining and informative read. If you get half as much out of this book as I did, you’re in for quite a treat.”

Device Requirements:
* Available for iPad or iPad 2
* Requires iOS 3.2 or later
* 106 MB