Source: This Is Devon

SOUL star Joss Stone gave fans a once-in-a-lifetime treat when she and Eurythmics founder Dave Stewart took a break from the recording studio to play an unexpected gig in Exeter.

Joss is back home in Devon writing new songs and has been joined by the renowned musician, who together form the supergroup called Super Heavy with Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger, Damian Marley and AR Rahman.


During his stay, Dave came up with the idea of performing at Mama Stone’s in Mary Arches Street, the music venue which Joss’s mother Wendy Joseph owns.

The non-ticket event on October 13 was announced two days prior to the gig and only publicised via the internet.

The intimate venue was filled with those who were lucky enough to have heard about the impromptu gig.

The 24-year-old singer from Ashill, near Cullompton, and Stewart were on stage alone.

There was regular interaction with the crowd from Dave, who revealed: “We’ve written about eight songs in the last three days.

“We are going to give you another one which might go pear-shaped but we’re relying on you.”

The pair also gave an amazing performance of the Eurythmics song Missionary Man, as well as covers of classic Eurythmics tracks Here Comes the Rain Again and Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).

Speaking after the gig, Joss said: “We’ve been in the studio for about three to four days and we basically just wrote lots of songs. Then two days ago Dave said, ‘I’ve got an idea – let’s try some of them out at your mum’s place.’

“It was fun and we were totally blagging it. There was only two of us so we just bounced off each other.

“We wrote down the ones we thought we could pull off and just went out there and had a bit of a laugh and just really enjoyed it and hope everyone else did. I have no idea what it sounded like, but it was recorded on camera so it will be good to hear it back.”

The music connection the pair share is the result of years working with each other and Joss was full of praise for the well-respected musician.

“I’ve known Dave for maybe five years,” she said. “He is one of my best mates – he is such a good person. He is very funny and never does anything unless the outcome is fun.

“I met Dave when I was about 17 when he wrote the soundtrack for the Alfie movie and wanted me to sing on it. He also wrote it with Mick Jagger and meeting and singing with him was scary!

“I was really nervous but Dave was really charming and sweet, and never made me feel uncomfortable.

“When I met Mick you realise he is just a guy.”

Joss said she was excited about how her new record is shaping up.

Called LP2, it follows LP1, which was produced by Stewart.