Apologies for the website being offline last week for almost 3 days, unfortunately our website was victim to a hack that has been located to Germany.

The hackers changed all of our administrative and database passwords before routinely deleting over 50% of our content.


Thanks to our great web hosts that we work with, they were able to intervene and rebuild all of our data from their backups and implemented another level of security for the site.  We then had a further 24 hours of testing for malware before they would allow the site to come back online.  In total we have over 14GB of data in the site, which as you can imagine is a huge amount of data.  We actually only lost 3 images which we needed to reupload.


In 8 years of running the site, this is the first time the site has been down for so long.  Anyway, Normal service has now been restored