Source: Out Magazine 

A look at the cover art for the singles that defined the 1980’s.


The 1980’s was an era not just defined by its distinctive, genre defining music. It was also the most visually provocative era of the last millennium. Every vinyl single (remember those?) that hit the stands came wrapped in a eye-catching sleeve that reflected the latest trends in art and photography. Pop culture historian Matthew Chojnacki’s new book Put the Needle on the record showcases artwork from more than 250 singles spanning the 1980’s.


In a forward to the book, Jake Shears says of finding the perfect artwork for the sleeve of Scissor Sisters’ first album Night Work — a Mapplethorpe photo of a ballet dancer’s ass in tights — and of music art in general “But what makes great art music? Maybe there’s no secret, but we know it’s good when we see it.”