Firstly, how wonderful to meet so many of you wonderful board peeps in person last night, amazing how between the convention and last night so many people have connected and met now in the real world as well as the virtual one!


Last night was superb, Annie was in a very playful mood, and injected so much of her personality, humour and at times her humbleness into an hour of fairly intensive questioning. So nice for a change that the questions being asked by the ever eloquent Tim Marlow were not the typical daytime TV banal questions, but ones that made Annie really have to think, and at times, squirm a little.


Annie gave some fantastic anecdotes about how low she was when Sweet Dreams was written, and the fear that she would have to return to Scotland with her tail between her legs, stories about the queen, and making it VERY clear that there is a journalist that she really doesn’t like out there, God forbid Ms B should your paths ever cross, she will eat you alive.


She also told a sweet story about dressing up as a bee as a child for performances in her back yard. Sadly Annie couldn’t stay for photos as she had to dash to get her Lifetime Achievement award, but arrangements had been made for fans to have items signed by Annie.

The great news for everyone is that the whole event has been filmed to be shared on the V&A and Annie’s websites at a later date. Once again, meeting so many wonderful peeps is what makes these events so much fun.