Source : Rolling Stone Argentina (translated Using Google Translate)

The idea occurred to the former Eurythmics Dave Stewart, workaholic and producer of fashion (Stevie Nicks, Joss Stone, Ringo Starr, Bryan Ferry, plus his own solo album), while in Jamaica, to hear in the distance the mixture of sounds coming from different sound systems: putting together a band with musicians from different genres and cultures. Thanks to his connections, few had formed a supergroup called. His friend Mick Jagger (collaborated together on the soundtrack for Alfie) soon joined the project, and then called the soul singer Joss Stone, the reggae musician Damian Marley (son of Bob) and keyboardist and composer Indian A. R. Rahman, famous for the soundtrack of Slumdog Millionaire. Apparently, the “experiment of a mad alchemist” in the words of Dave worked: joined in the studio with just a few sketches, loose riffs and ideas, and recorded 29 songs in ten days.From there, Stewart, who usually work quickly, took the raw material for fine tuning the twelve songs that reached the self-titled album SuperHeavy, a name inspired by Muhammad Ali. The cover reminds the first Santana album, another champion of crossing cultures. 

In SuperHeavy, the styles of each are clearly identifiable, yet blend naturally. As expected, the voice and the melodies of Jagger occupy a central role, but who is dominant bases Marley, who brings his rhythm section [bassist and drummer Shiah Coore Courtney Diedrick], coloring strongly flavored reggae album . Rahman brings oriental orchestration, Stone, share black soul, and Stewart passed almost unnoticed, but their guitars and production details are omnipresent throughout the disc. These seemingly disparate elements seamlessly amalgamated get in the first half of the album. 

Cutting media, “Miracle Worker”, engage immediately with his pace reggae, pop chorus, and the combination of the three voices. In “Energy” is dominated by keyboards dance Rahman, Slumdog it. With a quick freestyle Damian and Mick with his characteristic harmonic, “Satyameva Jayathe” which means “truth alone triumphs” begins as a religious mantra to emergence of a dancehall rhythm, and includes a beautiful keyboards only Indian musician. “One Day One Night” finds Jagger sexy plan, with that youthful arrogance that has not lost with age, Eastern percussion and violin that adds an aura of mystery amplified by the dub production, the end of the topic, Joss Mick vocal demands in a match missed. 

The second half highlights of the album has more people, especially Jagger, in “Never Gonna Change” comes to the Stones acoustic songs like “Ruby Tuesday” and “I Can not Take It No More” introduces the topic more clearly rock with the rhythm guitar accentuated by the winds, to Aerosmith and the singer stating things that do not support. “Rock Me Gently,” with its lilting rhythm, almost Latin, is the ideal vehicle for deployment Stone melismas all vowels, and that Stewart be allowed only viola solo album. In “I Do not Mind,” a dreamy ballad with gentle reggae rhythm, Mick and Joss alternate in the verses, with toasting by referring Marley lyric to “Sweet Dreams” the Eurythmics. “Beautiful People”, a reggae universalist message by Damian, sounds like another potential single, and “World Keeps Turning” is the anthem of the album, closing with a proper circular Jagger chorus urging “that your heart stays strong “. Stewart says she likes musicians from around the world, but not the term “world music”.With SuperHeavy, he and his cronies have managed to create a new hybrid different from the stereotype, with songs ideal atmosphere for beach hostels.