Music Week, the UK’s Music Industry trade paper carried a large feature on Dave Stewart featuring commentary from people in the business including Jon Bon Jovi, adverts from companies that work with Dave and an interesting feature about Dave’s recent and future work.

2 parts of interest are where Dave mentions the name of the follow up album to The Blackbird Diaries recorded in Nashville a little while ago, the album at the moment is called The Ringmaster General.  The other piece is what Dave says about working with Annie Lennox again in the future.  Dave says “We are interested in doing something again. It would be odd not to, but we have never talked about how or what it might be.  Obviously there are lots of opportune moments, anniversaries etc, but we would do something when it felt right and it would have to be very different.  We are older now and the way we perform would use different elements” 

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