Joss Stone’s forthcoming album LP1 is currently available to listen to online, the album which was co-written and produced with Dave Stewart features 11 tracks including 1 duet with Dave called Picnic For Two.


Dave has obviously found a groove working in Nashville where this album was recorded. The tracklisting for the stream differs slightly to the track listing on Amazon, which doean’t include the tracks Picninc For Two and Cutting The Breeze, but does include the track Newborn that they performed last week in the USA and on BBC Breakfast yesterday.


To listen to the stream, click here.


Tracklisting For The Stream.

Karma (3:54)

Dont Start Lying To Me Now (4:07)

Last One To Know (4:51)

Drive All Night (5:06)

Cry Myself To Sleep (3:50)

Somehow (3:04)

Landlord (3:56)

Boat Yard (5:01)

Take Good Care (2:33)

Picnic For Two (4:14)Cutting The Breeze (3:39)




You can pre order the album from Amazon here