No one can forget the first record they bought, i certainly can remember the time, the place, the record shop and getting to the top of the escalator to be greeted by a rack full of Revenge LP covers.  The CD, tape and other formats never have and never will have that same visual impact that a good old slab of 12″ vinyl has.


Although Revenge was released on the common formats of LP, cassette and the CD, the record company still catered for those wanting the album of alternative formats, and these two featured items below were both a nod to the past and to the future.


Here we feature the 8 track version of Revenge which commands upwards of £70 on the collectors market today, and the rare Digital Compact Cassette, which was meant to replace the standard cassette but never quite got there, this can be found in the region of £20 – £30.  Both formats have their own collectors groups and quite often prices can go pretty high for no apparent reason.


The 8 track originates from the US and has catalogue No S110770 while the DCC i do not know its catalogue no, but it was issued in the UK.



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