For the last month we’ve run a poll to vote for your favourite track from Revenge.  We’ve had 266 votes cast and there is no huge surprise here with the winning track, Missionary Man, with 65 votes.  This is followed by The Miracle Of Love and Thorn In My side with 43 and 42 and When Tomorrow Comes with 38.

Track Votes %
Missionary Man 65 24
The Miracle Of Love 43 16
Thorn In My Side 42 16
When Tomorrow Comes….. 38 14
A Little Of You 20 8
I Remember You 20 8
Take Your Pain Away 12 5
The Last Time 12 5
In This Town 8 3
Lets Go 6 2


It’s interesting that these 4 tracks were the singles, so whether that is the reasons as they would been more familiar, or whether they genuinely are the best tracks on the album, who knows.  The rest of the tracks all got less than 20 votes each with Lets Go only reaching 6.  This in itself is interesting as it was felt by many fans that Lets Go should have been released as a single.


Here’s the chart, and below that some comments that voters have left.  Thanks everyone who took part, this is the largest number of votes we’ve ever had.


For me the stand out track was always I Remember You – gets more relevant these days…with the passage of time. Especially as you look back over your own life.

Liked the idea of the start with the slow jamming sound developing into Annie’s reminiscing vocal. ‘OH WE WERE SOOOO YOUNG’… DIVAZ

I love them all, but kind of surprised that TYPA is only 4%? They still rock my world! – Darthur35
I love all tracks but Miracle of love is sublime  – Lalo
the revenge cd, all songs are favorites, but misionary man vote – Aldo
I Love every single song that Annie sings, always makes my soul move. Love Is Religion – Deity
Thorn in my side was the song that dominated my mind for months and months when it first came out! Still can’t resist it’s upbeat melody and killer vocals! Yeah!!!
The video was stunning and still looks great! A classic Eurythmics song – Mike
“Missionary Man” will always be my favorite, I have it as a ring tone, play it constantly in my car, the video will always remain the test of time, I just wished it received more of the remix treatment back in the day than just the one on the 12″ Single. Maybe someone will do a “Missionary Man 2011 Mix”? – William


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