“I Remember You”

There’s a colour picture in my mind

Reliving the past through memories can bring back echoes of distant places and people: “And I remember you, you were the backyard boy; hiding in a wreckage of broken dreams, standing by the railway line, standing”.

And though sweet feelings are awakened, regret for a lost time (and an ancient loved one) comes back with the same intensity: “And all the sweetness has been taken out of this place; so many memories are knocked down or replaced; and I can’t stand to see the shifting time taking me further, leaving you behind”.

“I Remember You” is the poignant song that closes Eurythmics’ fifth studio album: Revenge.

“A Little of You” (Eurythmics)

There used to be a time

I wore my heart upon my sleeve

There used to be a time

I’d show my gentle side to anyone


Going through different experiences moulds our character, and sometimes we need to hurt back in order to protect the inner core of our feelings: “Don’t tell me I’m the only one ’cause I don’t need that space; don’t ask for love, I’ll throw it back in your face; all of these promises were only made to break, all of these promises”.

And so little fragments of our heart and soul slowly vanish within our naivety: “A little of you, a little of me, a little of you is hurting someone”.

“A Little of You” holds number eight on Revenge.


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