Gered Mankowitz has kindly sent us two photographs that he took of Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox, and early photo as well as the photograph that became synonymous with all of the Revenge imagery, from the album cover to fly posters and adverts in the press.

Gered says “My memories of the Revenge session are a bit mixed to say the least. I was really thrilled to have been asked to work with Annie & Dave again, having slightly dropped off their radar for a while and it was lovely seeing them and always inspiring to work with them. But there was a tension in the air that I have never experienced previously with them, and there was a fragility about Annie that slightly took me aback.

However, I was very happy with how the shoot went, but i was disappointed when Dave explained that his intention was to have a painting made of one of my portraits. I wasn’t keen on the final cover itself, but have presented my original photograph at various exhibitions over the years to an always appreciative audience.

It is a portrait that I am very proud of, but I am saddened that it was to be my final work with Eurythmics.”

Gered has shared a large version of the portrait with is, click on them both to see the large versions, right click and open in a new tab to see the full size.

Photographs reproduced by kind permission from Gered Mankowitz. Visit Gered’s website here


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