“The Last Time” (Eurythmics)

People like you

Can be so mean

People like you

Just don’t come clean

“Well, the first time that I saw you, you were standing in the rain; you were waiting at the station for the last connecting train”: a stranger met by chance during a storm could be the right person to fall in love with; but first impressions (in this case clouded over by pouring rain), can be highly deceiving: “There’s a garden full of roses, there’s a necklace full of pearls; you have come to take the roses to give to other girls”.

And then the best thing to do is to put off disappointment, at least for a while, and… react! “Last time you’re gonna let me down, last time you’re gonna fool around with me”.

“The Last Time” is the fourth track on Revenge.


“Let’s Go!” (Eurythmics)

He was the kinda guy

I loved the way he looked

He had a red silk tie

He had a Forties suit

Every one of us sometimes needs to act thoughtlessly, leaving doubts behind and just enjoying the ride: “Well, we went driving for an hour and so till we took the little Chevy down to Mexico”. And occasionally there may be the will to extend the journey just a little more: “And I said ‘Blue eyed boy, you know I love the way you look; why don’t we find a preacher who can get us hooked?”.

Then the reaction from the other person may be… a little different: “‘You know the time is right to take a chance ’cause I’m looking for a brand new romance’;

and the great big moon was shining down, he said “Forget about the preacher man, let’s do it on the ground!”.

This cheerful song was released on Revenge as the sixth one.


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