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My haven: Former Eurythmic Dave Stewart in the LA studio where he works his magic







Dave Stewart

This is my vodka martini kit. I like one every day about 7pm, and I get quite pernickety if anything gets in the way. I love making them, it’s one of the rituals I’m obsessive about. I like ice hard and crisp. Grey Goose straight up, two olives. 

I was told recently I should have three olives, because in the Mafia if a barman gives you an even number of olives your enemy is in the bar behind you.


Dave StewartHere’s me and my wife Anoushka getting married in 2001. Deepak Chopra married us on a beach in the South of France near The Edge from U2’s house. He and Bono played. Mick Jagger was there, and Elton. 

It was totally rock ’n’ roll – we had a rum drink laced with this stuff from South America so everyone was going bonkers. We already had a baby by the time we got married.


Dave Stewart I saw this really unusual guitar when I was making a film in London’s Soho with Joss Stone, so I started to play it. Inside it I found all the documents of the guy who owned it before me – Red River Dave. 

He was this eccentric 1950s country artist who used to chain himself to pianos. He was from Nashville and it led me there to make my new album, which I finished in five days, playing this guitar.


Dave Stewart The minute I got on stage with country artists in Nashville I felt I’d rediscovered myself. I liked my voice. It sounded like me. This fedora is a visual equivalent. 

I was in a hat shop in London two years ago, I put it on and suddenly I became connected to me and my voice. I have lots of them now in different colours. Sometimes my wife has to remind me I have it on in bed.


Dave Stewart My John Varvatos boots are my lucky boots. The leather’s so soft they’re like slippers. They’re covered in mini studs. I always wear them on stage. I was wearing a similar pair when I met my wife. 

Bryan Ferry took me to a dinner party in the South of France and she was placed next to me. We didn’t stop talking all night. We didn’t realise it was 3am and there was a whole thunder and lightning storm going on.


Dave StewartThe Angola 3 were part of the American Civil Rights Movement who spent decades in solitary confinement for a murder they didn’t commit.

I made a song and video in 2006, along with Anita Roddick who was one of my best friends, to try to help their court case, to give them hope. 

One of them, Herman Wallace, wrote this letter to thank me. He got out. It means a lot to me.

As told to Chrissy Iley. Dave’s new album, The Blackbird Diaries, also pictured, consists of two vinyl records with wider grooves for a clearer sound. It’s out on Monday.